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Meet the Tea Mixtress

Hi! I'm Pat. I'm  a wife, mother, grandmother, bilbiophile and budding herbalist. My love for plants and herbs began when I discovered the healing power of the humble plantain "weed." A few years ago, I developed an ulcer and UTI at the same time! Herbs were an important part of my healing journey and continue to be so. Body & Soul Teas was created to introduce people to the power of simple herbs that literally grow at our feet and to encourage everyone, particularly women, to care of themselves in a more wholistic manner.  


THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  Please always do your own research and consult with your healthcare provider. Likewise, products sold in the online shop are not intended to treat or prevent any disease, and always consult your healthcare provider before using any new product, herbal or otherwise. 


May you be blessed body and soul!