Get outdoors!

One of my favorite free health tips is to just get outdoors. Whether it's a walk around your neighborhood or a hike at a local park, there is just something uplifting about getting outside on a sunny(or not so sunny) day.

There's a reason why recess was my favorite part of the school day! It served as a break from sitting at a desk and was a chance to hang out with friends and feel the sun on my face. And, of course, science backs me up on this. According to WebMd(Health Benefits of Getting Outside (, some of the benefits are:

-improved sleep

-lessened anxiety

-improved focus

-better immunity

-boosted creativity

Wow! All this from just stepping outside your door. Remember, keep it simple. Step away from the computer and take a short walk around the area you live in or just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. Now, more than ever, we could all use more time connecting with nature and enjoying all the gifts of the coming spring season. A few pictures from my weekend. It felt so good to feel the sun on my face and the grass between my toes!

PS I am working on some new blends. So check the shop for the flavors! As the weather warms up, some of my favorite blends to enjoy cold are "Tennessee Sunshine", "Rocky Top Rooibos", and "Rooted"

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