Now, more than ever, I am finding the need to be rooted in various areas of my life, especially my faith. To say, these are trying times, would be an understatement. Many are experiencing overwhelming stress and anxiety right now. Things keeping me rooted(and grounded) these days are:

  1. My relationship with the Lord Jesus. He is my Solid Rock!

  2. Staying hydrated with teas and water.

  3. Regular movement in the form of stretching, hiking, dancing, walking around my neighborhood,

  4. Practicing thankfulness with a daily gratitude list.

  5. Laughter! The Bible says a cheerful heart is good medicine(Proverbs 17:22).

  6. Daily meditation breaks throughout the day. Sometimes, this is as simple as getting alone for 2-3 minutes to just be still and do some focused, deep breathing.

In this season of uncertainty and unrest, I encourage you to find the things that root and ground you and may you be blessed body and soul.

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